About - TheSmoochProject

It's about Love.

It's about Healing.

It's about Making the World a Better Place.


The Smooch! Project is a long-term, large-scale, family-friendly effort to collect 10,000 photographs of people from around the world demonstrating their affection for someone they love with a simple gesture -- A smooch on the cheek.

The primary goal of this project is to gather 10,000+ photographs and place them on this website. The online Smooch! Project Archive is intended to serve as a visual demonstration that ALL humans, regardless of social, racial, economic, or political differences, share a joyful willingness to welcome love and affection into their lives.

Participation in The Smooch! Project is free. All affectionately-inclined people are welcome to become part of this epic effort.

Smooch! shoots are scheduled by the Project Photographer, Bonnie Fournier. As photographs are collected, they are uploaded to this website.

If you would like a Smooch! shoot offered within your community, please email the project photographer at photogirl@thesmoochproject.com with your proposal. She would love to hear from you!

The primary mission of The Smooch! Project: To lift the hearts of viewers across the world. Enjoy!

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