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Congrats! You found My Beautiful Car webpage.    Perhaps you've seen my most recent decorated art car somewhere out in the word. I agree: She is certainly hard to miss!

My name is Bonnie Fournier and I am a photographer as well as an ArtCar enthusiast. To learn more about my photography work, use the links to the left.

To learn more about Razzle-Dazzle, the beautiful car of bling, read on:

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Razzle-Dazzle is my second and newest ArtCar, just completed in October 2021. She is one example out of hundreds of wild and wacky cars created by a worldwide community of artists who enjoy decorating their rides. We embellish our cars purely for our own entertainment as well as the entertainment of the public.

You might find Razzle-Dazzle strutting her stuff at public ArtCar events. Find out where and when in Minnesota (Razzle-Dazzle's home turf) by visiting

For the curious, Razzle-Dazzle is a 2014 Ford Focus bedazzled with more than 200 faceted glass gems -- very flashy in bright sunlight. The design is an abstract landscape of trees and grass. The black trees are reflective and glow white when a bright light strikes it. The yellow grass is also reflective. Beautiful by day, Razzle-Dazzle is at her sparkly best at night when viewed by headlights and streetlights. All materials were added to the car by hand and the entire process took approximately 20 hours. The cost of materials was just over $500. After all, similar to any other hand-crafted project, time and materials are needed to make creative vision real, to be enjoyed by the public.

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It's 2009 and I had an accident with my 2004 Ford Focus. Though only body damage was done, the insurance  company totaled the car despite the fact that  it ran perfectly well. I received a sizable check and bought the car back from the insurance company.

There were no physical injuries in that accident but I had come uncomfortably close to killing a young adult bicyclist.  That experience plus the fact that the car was deemed 'worthless,' gave me the freedom to transform it into something that would make me feel happy. I wanted to laugh when I looked at the car, and not just be reminded of that awful, scary day. Recalling a car I had seen as a young adult, I created the colorful Duct Tape Car.

Using fluorescent colored duct tape and aided by lots of helpful children and amused adults, we transformed that car into a madly, wildly colorful vehicle (compositionally inspired by Mark Rothko paintings). The car lasted for five years before blowing a rod. RIP my beautiful Duct Tape Car. I miss you still.   


Of course, artists can always use a little support. You can help Razzle-Dazzle continue her flashy journey to entertain people across the nation. Venmo donations to @mybeautifulcar with my thanks.


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