It's about Love.

It's about Healing.

It's about Making the World a Better Place.

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2021-22 is the 19th and FINAL season for the Ellen show.
In tribute for her many years of bringing laughter and kindness to the world, 
The Smooch! Project presents this collection of 200 photos 
gathered in 2009 during some of our Smooch! shoots that year.

Smooch! participants were invited to demonstrate their affection for
this beloved talk show host by pretending to smooch 'Flat Ellen.'
The only criteria: Be sincere in your affectionate demonstration AND do your best
to make her laugh should she ever see them. The only instructions were: "Big eyes. Big lips."

Didn't they do a stellar job? Thanks, everyone!

© Copyright 2021 Bonnie Fournier / The Smooch! Project

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