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Smooch! photos at work in the world

We are soooo very pleased  to share that Smooch! photos are being put to good use in hospitals and clinics around the world. Here's a sampling of the Smooch! pics that  are working hard to lift the hearts of everyone who sees them.

(University of MN - Minneapolis campus)

For two consecutive years, this facility hosted a digital display of 300+ Smooch! photos per year in their fourth floor lobby. We were chagrined (but not too much!) to witness both staff and students press the elevator button, turn to view the display, and repeatedly miss their ride. We apologized (with a smile) for the distraction.

(Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses)

Our relationship with CHMN began way back in 2011, when The Smooch! Project was selected to provide almost 30 large prints for the Minneapolis campus' Arts & Healing and Urban Renewal Project, a renovation initiative built upon a central  creative theme. Smooch! photos were installed in several areas of the hospital, including the hospital's ER waiting rooms. 

While capturing on-site photos of the installation in the ER area, the photographer was approached by a nurse working that day. "Thank you for doing The Smooch! Project," she said. "Your photos really help make people feel better." This became  one of the most personally  inspiring moments the artist had ever experienced for  her work.

Children's Hospitals & Clinics went on to purchase several more photos in 2012 and 2017, for areas located within both the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses. We are extremely pleased with our ongoing relationship with this remarkable institution and look forward to the possibility of serving their artwork needs again in the future.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Four Smooch! prints grace a hallway of this institution, installed in 2001. One of them happens to be of a man and his dog. In 2018, the photographer received a call from the man. His beloved dog had died and a friend had seen the photo while visiting the hospital. Could he please have a print? Of course!

Chuadanga District, Bangladesh

Due to its history of creating beautiful photographs used by children's hospitals, The Smooch! Project was invited to visit MMIC, a family and donation-sponsored children's hospital located in the Chuadanga District of Bangladesh. Founded by the descendants of Motaharun Nessa, who had been born and raised there, MMIC is built on donated family property where she once lived.

Providing much needed services to pregnant women and their babies, MMIC is the only children's hospital to serve this community covering close to 1,200 sq. kilometers (almost 746 miles) and containing approximately 1.1 million residents. Continually expanding its facility and staff as funds permit, MMIC hospital provides free medical and surgical services as well as free medication to more than 400 patients and their children a day. 

The photographer captured portraits of more than 200 members of this predominately Muslim community. Following the shoot, every participant received free prints of themselves and their loved ones. A duplicate set of prints was also gifted to the hospital for use in decorating their walls with photos of their patients. 

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